Thursday, September 30, 2010

Community Accounting for Lawyers

Accounting for Lawyers

Rob Corddry guest stars on tonight’s episode as one of Jeff’s former colleagues, Alan, that is there for a narcotics anonymous meeting. Drew Carey also guest stars as the head of Jeff’s old law firm.

Greendale is celebrating Oktoberfest again this year but adding a twist, they are having a pop and lock contest, and the study group wants to join, but as always, Jeff is reluctant. Chang is apparently a pop and lock genius, and knows that Jeff won‘t do it, so he uses this opportunity to get in the group. The group is late, but shows up to save Chang who has survived to the end. When the stop moving to have a heartfelt hug, they get disqualified, since they didn’t win, they still didn’t let him in.

Jeff is blowing off his study group as he continues to hang out with his old buddy, and misses being at the office. Annie recognizes him from their meetings and heard Alan confess that he got Jeff disbarred, but he doesn’t believe them, and instead just insults them.

Alan takes Jeff to an office party where he tries to use him to talk him up to his boss to make him a partner. The whole study group crashes the party with an invite from Allen, they use Annie to get into his office so they can find proof of the email he sent to the state investigators. Even after the proof, Jeff still doesn’t care because he still says that he is a good lawyer, not a good friend, and to do that you mustn’t care. Jeff decides not to let Alan know he knows the truth, but wants to use it as leverage, and realizes he needs his friends at Greendale.

The quick conversation in this show allows for quick hits in its comedy timing, and the bumbling nature of Pierce is hilarious because of context and delivery. It was weird seeing Drew Carey so skinny as compared to his days on his old ABC show where he must have been about twice as big. I was caught a little off guard, it kind of made him look a little old, at least older than I imagine him to be. The scene with Annie, Troy and Abed as they get caught in the office is one of the funniest moments I can recall in the show. This was a great show, many great moments, this show must be watched by all!

This is a great little video trailor remix from DJ Steve Porter.  Enjoy!

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