Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lone Star gets cancelled

The minor miracle that was needed to save the critically acclaimed Lone Star fell short. On Tuesday FOX decided to pull the plug on what was my favorite of the new shows this fall after only two episodes.
For it’s premiere on September 20th Lone Star lost more than half of its lead in audience from House and settled for 4.1 million viewers, a huge disappointment for this highly anticipated program. The hopes that after the hype of NBC’s The Event and the return of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars subsided, Lone Star would see a bump in ratings. A very small improvement was not nearly enough as Dancing with the Stars continued to dominate Monday nights.

I was very disappointed to hear that this show preformed so poorly in it’s debut, and that it would more than likely not make it past its second episode. It was a very interesting show with a good premise. I was looking forward to seeing how things were going to develop. With most new show I find myself not caring about the characters and not connecting with their story, but Lone Star I was immediately taken in. It is sad to see original ideas turned aside so quickly.

Lie to Me starring Tim Roth in its third season will debut this coming up Monday in the 9pm slot. Lie to Me is about a body language experts that assist law enforcement in their investigations.
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