Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running Wilde 102

Into the Wilde
Steve Wilde continues to struggle with that the fact that Emmy has little no regard for the lifestyle that he lives, while Emmy struggles with that fact she has too missed the conveniences of modern civilization. By living in the tree house with her daughter Puddle, Emmy it trying to keep her distance while still making a point, but is slowly falling back ways and feelings she had for Steve when they were children.

Jealous that his neighbor and rival Fa’ad is going on vacation with his family, Steve, probably unknowingly, tricks Emmy into taking Puddle and going with him. Excited to go, and to be going with Steve, Emmy’s boyfriend Andy (David Cross) shows up at the tree house unannounced. With this unwanted guest, the trips gets cancelled.

Andy has a plan to hold Steve for ransom without him knowing, and Steve has a plan to pretend to be nice to Andy to get closer to Emmy. This brings them to plan a trip to Steve’s cabin together, where they quickly get tired of pretending to be friends. Walking through the woods, they realize that they were following each other to the cabin that neither knew how to get to. Emmy tracks down Andy that has become sick, while Steve is still looking to help. Emmy confuses that she likes Steve, and that they are friends.

Chemistry between the characters, said to be one of the problems with the pilot, is starting to heat up. Growing on me quickly, the flaws in the first show are being smoothed out, as the show finds its way. The writing in this episode shows great improvement over the redone pilot. I am enjoying the back and forth between Emmy and Steve, and the confusion and twisting of words that continues to happen. I really enjoyed this episode, and I hope that it can keep it up.
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