Monday, September 27, 2010

Chuck Versus the Suitcase

Chuck Versus the Suitcase
This week Chuck and Sarah go undercover to Milan for Fashion Week to seize a high-tech weapon, while Chuck discovers a flaw in his relationship. Guest stars continue in the second episode of the season with Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk, King of Queens) as the model’s guard.

A little disappointed that Olivia Munn was underutilized in the first episode as Greta, and just like that she’s out and Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice Guy) is in for this weeks Buy More CIA Special Agent.

Karolina Kurkova plays an arms dealer working for Volkoff that uses these fashion shows as means to meeting her clients. Chuck and Sarah are sent to Milan to seize what are known as “smart bullets”. After returning home they find that what they recovered were fakes, but after a new lead, Chuck and Sarah return for the last day of the show, before the model is able to escape with the micro chips for the bullets.

Chuck and Sarah relationship continues to be a little tenuous as Chuck is concerned with Sarah’s packing habits, that is, while still living together, she has yet to unpack.

Morgan starts to worry how well run the Buy More has become, now that it is completely controlled by the CIA. Captain Awesome is bumped by how well the Buy More is run and suspects that Chuck is still involved with the CIA.

After pointing out the obvious flaws, General Beckman agrees, and allows Morgan to recruit. This leads to the return of Jeffster to the show. Outlaws and on the run after their suspected involvement in the destruction of the old Buy More, Jeff and Lester are tracked down by Casey and Morgan and persuaded to return to their old jobs. Morgan successfully gets much of the old Buy More employees back and the CIA is very pleased as they make Morgan the new store manager.

Sarah finally settles in and accepts Burbank and Chuck home, but Chuck can’t stop himself, and unknowing starts what will test the relationship further.

The show focused way to much on the unpacking issue, and seems to like there always being a little bit of tension between Chuck and Sarah. I am enjoying the guest stars, but I worry that they are taking away from the story a little. The little nods to the geek fan base is quite entertaining as I enjoyed the quick funny little cameo by Balki (Pronson Pinchot from Perfect Strangers).

The show has another spy vs. spy fight involving Sarah and another female spy, this time taking it to the catwalk where everyone just thinks it is two models fighting. I also enjoyed the continuation of skimpy outfits and the occasional bra and panty scenes with Sarah and other female spies. This show really knows how to pander to its audience, and does it well.

The show didn’t deal much with the search for the Bartowski’s mother, but it deal with Casey and his unease with getting to know his daughter Alex. Overall all it was another solid episode, but then again I don’t think that I will be disappointed very often in a show that I am quite biased over.

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