Thursday, September 23, 2010

Community Anthropology 101

Community: The Complete First SeasonCommunity has quickly become one of best comedies on television. A show that you immediately care about and connect with all the characters. A part of what was once the best night of television, NBC’s Thursday nights are now being challenged. The juggernaut from CBS, The Big Band Theory, has moved and is now in direct competition with Community.

The basic premise of the show is that Jeff Winger, played by Joel McHale (Informant!, The Soup), was a lawyer who was disbarred after it was found out that he lied about his schooling. Attempting to regain his position, Jeff enrolls into Community College and starts a study group to get closer to Britta Perry, played by Gillian Jacobs (The Box, Choke).

Other members of the study group include Pierce Hawthorne, played by Chevy Chase (Caddyshack, Vacation), Troy Barnes, played by Donald Glover (Mystery Team, 30 Rock), Annie Edison, played by Alison Brie (Mad Men, Scream 4), Shirley Bennett, played by Yvette Nicole Brown (500 days of Summer, Tropic Thunder), and Abed Nadir played by Danny Pudi (ER, Gilmore Girls). Another raising star is Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Knocked Up) playing Senor Chang.

At the end of the first season of Community Annie was preparing to leave Greendale, Troy was in search of a new roommate, a Jeff was being fought over between Professor Slater and Brita. The show added another twist when Jeff left the dance and ran into Annie and they kissed.

Anthropology 101Season two starts a new school year with the gang back together. Now finished with their foreign language requirement, the study group will take anthropology as the next class to tackle together. Betty White, still riding the wave of her amazing resurgence, guest stars as the anthropology professor. Senor Chang, also was discovered to have bogus credentials, is now enrolled as a student and in the class.
Starts out a little awkward in the group, but the show deals with it great, Brita acknowledges mistakes were made, and Jeff and Annie talk about using discretion on what happened. Once in class Britta has become an idol to the younger girls as now she is the underdog after putting herself out there and then turned down.

To beat Britta at her own game Jeff must put himself out there, confessing his love for her, hoping that she will turn him down. She doesn’t and the stale mate beginnings, much to the dismay of Annie, who still has feelings for Jeff. Things start to go a little too far as Abed uses the situation to create a meta-wedding, things start to blow up when Annie finds out that Brita and Jeff slept together and she tells everyone that they kissed.

At the end of the day, Betty White as the professor gets suspended after attacking Jeff, and a lesson learned wraps up everything nicely from last season, and now a fresh start with everything seemingly back to normal.

Another great episode, everything that I loved from the first season and it doesn’t feel like there was any let down. If you aren’t watching this show, then why are you reading this? No, what I meant to say, if your friends aren’t watching this show, get new friends. Yep, that’s it.

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  1. Guess you better replace all your current friends besides Tom, Heather and I. lol. I was literally crying last night because of the funny. Damn you Senor Chang!