Monday, September 20, 2010

Chuck Season 4 Preview, Lots of guest stars!

It looks like the team at Chuck is going all out this season, which many believe will be its last, so why not.  The list for special guests is long with many confirmed as well as some more rumored. 

Lined up for this season that has already been announced are:  Linda Hamilton (Terminator) is introduced as Chuck’s long lost mom, in the season premiere.  Olivia Munn (G4) will play a CIA Officer code-named “Greta”, a role that is said to change throughout the season, allowing more opportunities for new guest stars.  Also Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm St.) will make an appearance on the Halloween episode as a villainous scientist. 

Other guest stars said to show up are Dolph Lungren (The Expendables) and Harry Dean Stanton (Alien) with unknown roles, Eric Roberts (The Expendables), Batista (WWE), and Joel David Moore (Avatar) as rogue agents.  Another big guest star for spy fans is Timothy Dalton (James Bond) as an unknown person that has to deal with Chuck’s mother. 
Aside from all the guest stars, as the season starts, Chuck will have to deal with having to keep being a spy a secret from his sister once again, but this time because he promised to quit at the end of last season.  Ellie is also said to have a bigger role, as the Bartowski family history begins to unveil its secrets throughout Chuck’s search for his mother and for answers.  The search for his mother will be the main theme for this season that is schedule for 13 episodes starting Monday September 20th.  We will also learn more about John Casey’s past with the discovery of his daughter Alex in the final six episodes of season three. 
As is all the Chuck fans I am very excited about the upcoming season, and will be sad if this is in fact the last season.  Four seasons is a pretty good run, and is probably two more seasons than it probably deserved as far as the numbers were concerned.
Here is a nice interview from with executive producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak.

Below is a sneak peak for the upcoming season:

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