Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Running Wilde The Pilot

From the creators of fan favorite Arrested Development brings us Running Wilde. A romantic comedy about the son of an oil tycoon Steve Wilde, played by Will Arnett (Arrested Development), and environmentalist Emmy Kadubic, played by Keri Russell (Felicity) and her daughter Puddle, played by Stefania Owen (Lovely Bones).

Once the daughter of the family housekeeper, the paths of Steve and Emmy cross again when the company his father owns wants to drill for oil in an area of the rain forest where the indigenous tribe that Emmy has been trying to save, live.
By throwing himself a party where he receives the Humanitarian of the Year Award, Steve hopes get back his childhood sweetheart Emmy. The story is told through the perspective of Emmy’s 12 year old daughter Puddle, who hasn’t spoke in 6 months and hates being in the rain forest, sees this invitation as a way out. Emmy sees this invitation as way to get the Wilde Oil Company not to drill where this indigenous tribe lives, but Steve is unwilling to stand up to his father, and risk losing his trust fund.

When Emmy threatens to go back to the Jungle, Puddle finally speaks up, but only to Steve, asking for his help so she doesn’t have to go back to the rain forest and leave civilization. Agreeing to help, Steve follows the plain to get a fake doctor to say that Puddle cannot leave and needs to go to school in town. Steve works in that they must be a resident and offers a place on his estate for Emmy and Puddle to live in. The lie is quickly over as Steve has a slip of the tongue. Emmy starts to storm out complaining about Steve when Puddle speaks to defend him. When Steve actually does good for nothing, Emmy decides maybe they’ll stay after all, and takes on the challenge of making him a better man.

This is the shows second attempt after the first shot at the pilot needed a little fine tuning. Originally David Cross was going to be on the first pilot, but due to a scheduling conflict was unable to work it out. After some rewrites and rescheduling, David Cross was added to the cast. Having not seen the original pilot myself I can’t speak much of it, but what I have heard the show was a little bumpy and was lacking chemistry. Much of the time projects that needs an overhaul do not have much success and as they continue to try and find there way, viewers find other things to watch.

Overall, I do see a little bit of promise for the show. It has its moments of brilliance, but then again some of the types of jokes may start to get old after awhile. I am already a little biased towards the creators and Will Arnett, but besides that, I will give this new show a chance.

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