Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chuck Versus The Anniversary

Chuck Versus The Anniversary
We last left Chuck receiving one final message from his dad. One that leads him to discover there is much more to his family’s past then he could have imagined, and more importantly his mother (Linda Hamilton) is still out there and is also in the spy game. He finds himself going back on a promise he gave to his sister, and begins the search for her.

Chuck must keep his search a secret, but still needing help he recruits his best friend Morgan to aid him in his personal mission. Chuck and Sarah now together, officially, Sarah and Casey leave on a mission without Chuck, as he and Morgan prepare for there own mission. Their first attempt brings them around the world in a montage that leaves to a dead end.

After a handful of interviews end suspiciously and suddenly the bus ride leads Chuck and Morgan back to the new Buy More where chuck runs into Greta (Olivia Munn) and General Beckman who runs the store that is also the new CIA/NSA substation. Beckman goes back on her promise to let Chuck out of the CIA.

Sarah and Casey’s mission leads them to Marco (Dolph Lundgren) and it is clear that Casey misses Chuck on their missions. Marco works for a Russian arms dealer Volkoff Industries. Chuck and Morgan’s mission bring them to the same location as Sarah and Casey, where they need to be saved. To escape, Chuck must use the EMP which destroys the computer that may have had information about his mother. No longer able to keep his secret from Casey and Sarah, they both agree to help Chuck on his quest, officially making Chuck a spy again. He must know tell Ellie, but she thinks the Buy More was the only job he could get, she tells him she’s pregnant, and he isn’t able to tell her the truth.

One thing that bothered me right in the beginning that some shows and movies do, after Morgan agrees to help him he starts spouting out taglines, and Chuck stops him by saying “this is not some opening of a TV show, this is real life.” The show starts out a little bumpy, dialog seems a little rough, and things have gotten a little sensational. It is also clear that the special guests are will be using their famous catch phrases, Dolph Lundgren says to Casey, “I must break you”, its alright, I still enjoyed it.

As always, this episode was very entertaining, many funny parts, but as per usual a very good story. The show most times finds a perfect blend of action, comedy, romance, and suspense.

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