Sunday, September 19, 2010

TV Series on DVD!

Still a fairly new idea, TV series going to DVD has been a great success.  Being able to catch up on a show has allowed many, myself included, the ability to jump in a show at any time.  It is great to be able to watch your favorite shows back to back to back without any commercial interruptions or long waits after a season has ended in a cliff hanger.  Sure it takes some of the suspense, anticipation, and even the fun out of what was the norm previous to this era of instant gratification, but the conditioning of the times has ruined us all.  One the major downfalls as you finally get caught up to an ongoing show, is having to watch it week to week. 
I recently got into Breaking Bad this spring right before the start of season 3, banged out the first two seasons in no time only to have to watch it week to week, and then find out that season 4 won’t be returning in the spring as before, but in June, June!  How aweful.  But every Monday, for 13 weeks, I was extra excited to get home from work, rewind my VHS tape, and watch the previous nights episode.
Many have wondered why the DVDs come out, much of the time, only a week before the new season starts.  It has been speculated that the DVDs were a means advertising for the new season, but it is quite the oposite.  According to a television executive, the reason why it is done this way is to sell the DVDs.  Putting them out so close to the start of the next season is the time when people are most thinking about the shows, which allow studios to receive full retail on their product. 
Still, series on DVD has been great, but for collectors it gets expensive.  As many others, I hold in my collection many movies and shows that I will probably never open again, some never even opened once, purchased just to have them, just in case.  It is nice to have shows from your childhood, nostalgia is a part of many things we do, like, and in this case collect.  I guess I figure that if I am ever out of work for one reason or another I will not be bored, or if someday they stop making scripted television, I will be sitting pretty.

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