Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lone Star The Pilot

Lone Star is one of FOX’s new shows on the fall schedule, and one of the most promising shows of a crowded premiere week that features 20+ new shows on the networks.

The show is about a con man and his father that try to steal money from a woman that he marries and her father that runs an oil business. At the same time he also runs a con in another town where he has a girlfriend. When offered a real job by his father-in-law, he begins to have second thoughts about running the scam, while his father refuses to let it go.
The show stars some little knowns as it rounds out its cast with some supporting stars. Robert/Bob Allen is played by James Wolk (You Again) and John, his father is played by David Keith (Behind Enemy Lines, U-571). Robert’s girlfriend, Lindsay, is played by Eloise Mumford (Mercy, Crash). Bob’s wife, Cat Thatcher, is played by Adrianne Palicki (Legion, Women in Trouble), her father Clint Thatcher is played by Jon Voight (Transformers, Mission Impossible), and her brothers Tram Thatcher played by Mark Deklin (The Wish List), and Drew Thatcher played by Bryce Johnson (Sleeping Dogs Lie, Hit List),round out the cast .
Clint (John Voight) runs an oil rig, and against his sons wishes, offers Bob a job. This job, gets him into the company, his dad is very excited about it, but Bob wants to take the job for real, instead of a con that they have been working on. Upset that Bob may not be focused on the mark, his dad reminds him what they been working towards for a long time. After some reluctance, Bob takes the job.
Although he lies for a living, and has a wife and girlfriend, Robert turns down an offer from a beautiful women to remain faithful to both. Allowing himself to get close to Lindsay, his girlfriend, in town that he has run dry, has let guilt seep into his conscience.
His dad is tipped off by a someone in the commissioners office that a lawyer is investigating some of the deeds for the wells he sold people in Midland, the place where he stays with his girlfriend. Reluctant to leave, his dad comes up with a great line, “this is a house of cards, you don’t get to live in it.” Ultimately he knows his father is right, leaving that night as Lindsey sleeps seemingly satisfied.
Trying to help clean his conscience he once again declines to work an angle on his father-in-law’s company as his dad pushes ideas on how to work it. No longer able to live the straight life after a lifetime as a con man, John refuses to let this opportunity go. Bob insists after faking it for so long, he believes he can do this job and make an honest living. Once realizing his son won’t give up this new found honest living idea, it appears he will begin working the con on his son as well.
Tram, already not happy with the promotion given by his father, starts to dig around as he is very suspicious of his brother-law. Potentially making things worse for himself, Bob gets deeper into his double life as he buys up land in Midland, with money from his father-in-law’s company, and runs to Las Vegas to marry his girlfriend, as he now claims to be in love with both women.
The shows gets right into it, establishes the double life lead by Robert/Bob Allen, and the angle he uses for his cons. It quickly introduces all the main characters and the objective of the father-son team.
The music played without dialog adds a little more depth to the character in some defining moments as you are easily hooked, and immediately care for this person whose actions and deeds will lead many people to lose all their savings. A good man deep down, is drawn into these schemes by his father, a man that deep down is greedy, and only cares about himself. A lonely life a con man must live, a life lived always as someone you are not.
The pilot dealt with a lot of things right away, not having a slow burn as one would have expected. Although I enjoyed it, I’m not sure how long this story can last, and where it will go once things start to get resolved. The characters are pretty good so far, and the actors chosen for each part I believe were well cast. I will be tuning in each week as I am looking forward to see what happens next.

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