Monday, October 4, 2010

Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

Chuck Versus the Cubic Z
Morgan is now the new store manager of the Buy More, and is getting the store ramped up for a big new video game release. This week features Stacy Kiebler as the new Greta.
Chuck and Sarah had a very romantic mission planned in Monaco, but it is abruptly cancelled when a transport vehicle breaks down and the prisoners need to be directed to Castle. Sarah is relieved to hear this as she is hesitant about where the relationship with Chuck is heading after he mentioned last week about the future and possibly having kids.
The prisoners that will be staying at Castle are non other than Hugo Panzer (Stone Cold Steve Austin) and Heather Chandler (Nicole Richie), two foes of Chuck and Sarah’s past respectively. We saw Hugo as the bad guy in Chuck’s first solo mission on a flight to Europe, and Heather was an old classmate turned evil spy and nemesis of Sarah.
Chuck flashes on Heather and finds out she may know information on his mother. They have bigger problems as the discover Hugo is on the lose in Castle, and he is after Heather, and revenge on Chuck will be a bonus. Heather gets under Sarah skin by putting doubt in Chuck’s head about the relationship.
After some hand to hand combat, and some gun fight, the convicts get detained again, and Heather starts to talk about what she knows about Frost, which isn’t much, but it is a lead. Chuck and Sarah finally get to have their chat, and they come to the agreement that they need to take things slow. Until something happens….a teaser for next week.
Once again I think the Greta character is a waste, and would like to see a little more than just a nerd nod. Relationship problems once again is too much of the focus, I would prefer more search for Volkoff and for Chuck’s mother. It was also unbelievable that the Buy More would only have 6 copies of a very popular game, and that they only new that shortly before launch date.
A pretty good show, nothing too remarkable about it. An average episode among another above average season. Not as many funny moments as in the past two episodes but I am glad to see Big Mike back.

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