Thursday, October 7, 2010

Community The Psychology of Letting Go

The Psychology of Letting Go
We start with the death of Pierce’s mom where he takes it surprising well, and Troy was taking it pretty hard. Everybody is concerned with Pierce as an argument about religion breaks out and Jeff uses one of his speeches to calm the situation. Pierce continues to get worse though, as he buries himself into a crazy cult like religion.

With Professor Baur (Betty White) on a leave of absence, do to the incident with Jeff, Professor Duncan is forced to take over the class, which he has no idea what he is doing. This also sets up a great little story between him and Chang that stems from a mutual hatred and restraining order.

Paton Oswald guest stars in this weeks episode as the clinic’s nurse where Jeff goes into for a routine physical, and finds out that his cholesterol is a little high. Jeff doesn’t take this very lightly as he claims he is a perfect specimen. Overreacting about his test results Jeff becomes very cynical about life, and only upsets the group with his comments.

I was worried at the end of last season that Ken Jeong’s character would be phased out since he was no longer a teacher, but instead as a student it has given him more opportunities to use his comedic charm. I like the ongoing story of him trying to prove himself to the group to become a part of it, and the little moments where he goes a little crazy.

The great thing about this show is that is doesn’t have to focus on Jeff as the main character, instead it has a great supporting cast that in any episode can have the feature story arc. This episode is one of those cases, where Jeff is there, but is the secondary story line. This episode didn’t have that much of Troy and very little Abed, and hope that isn’t a trend that will continue. The pop culture references from Abed always add to the show because they are always well done. The scenes, especially the last one, between Annie and Britta were also very entertaining, and it looks like Alison Brie will continue to be a bigger part of the show.

Once again, I cannot stress this enough, this show is great, everyone must watch and tell there friends to watch. Do it, now, don’t wait!
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