Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running Wilde 103 Oil and Water

Oil and Water
Steve’s continues to try to impress Emmy at the same time trying to find ways to get Andy out of the picture. One way is to convince Andy to go to Alaska to “uncover” a conspiracy about big oil and the Wilde Oil company. To impress Emmy, Steve promises to quit his job at Wilde Oil to earn her praise, but finds that being at the office is fun. Emmy gets back to her cause a little bit here, as she uses Steve and the company to get information to bring down said company.

It seems that people are still unsure about this show, but as far as new comedies of this season I am entertained. Some things still bother me about it, I do not like the butler, he is too cartoony for my liking, and I’m not totally sold on Keri Russell. I am starting to come around on Steve’s man servant and the chemistry between Steve and Puddle on screen is great. Steve’s friend/nemesis Fa’ad has also become a great character. The things that I do enjoy is Will Arnett being Will Arnett, so far the act that he has been doing works fine a the leading character.
I also didn’t mind the KFC commercial in the show, immediately followed by one to start the break. I understand and am perfectly fine with it.
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