Thursday, October 7, 2010

Raising Hope 103 Dream Hoarders

Dream Hoarders
Jimmy accidentally teaches Hope how to crawl, then realizes how unsafe the house is and is reminded how dangerous it was for him growing up. While trying to but some things in the shed, out of reach of the baby, Jimmy also needs to convince his mom that she is a hoarder and needs to get rid of things. While making a trip to the grocery store to pick up baby proofing items, and to attempt to get closer to Sabrina, Hope uses her new skill to get her self lost. Virginia’s hoarding issue becomes a problem as Hope’s new favorite place to crawl is in the shed.

The show is beginning to hit its stride as it now has a real sense of direction. The characters are becoming more likeable. The heart felt moments still fall a little short, but the misuse of commonly known phrases has its charm. I do enjoy the nice wrap up of things and the lessons learned to finish the show. Each week it is nice to see the progression of the characters and the growth of them as individuals.

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  1. Show is first new show this season to be picked up for full season. :)