Thursday, October 7, 2010

Raising Hope get full season order.

With so many shows debuting this fall it is hard to know which ones will make it for a full season.  So far only two shows have been cancelled after only a few airings.  One on Fox, Lone Star, after great critical hype and a good deal of promotion, the show was quickly pulled after two, but really decided after the first weeks disappointment.  The second was ABC's My Generation, that was up against some good competition on Thrusday's at 8pm, got the ax after two weeks as well.

The news last night comes down that FOX's Raising Hope is the first to get its back 9 episodes picked up, giving it a full season at 22.  “With 'Raising Hope,' Greg Garcia captures a smart take on the working-class family with a great mix of wild comedy and a big dose of heart,” FOX president Kevin Reilly said in a statement. “The show is running like a Swiss clock, and we’re very happy with how well audiences have responded so far – so we’re confident it will build an even bigger audience throughout the season.”

It's a fun show, glad to see it is getting the full season treatment. 
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